You’ll see them on the sidelines during games, courtside by the benches, on weekends for Saturday morning clinics, and offering sports physicals to athletes. The medical professionals from Precision Orthopaedic Specialties take their sense of community seriously.

“We’ve made it our mission to care for the families in our area by taking an active role in our communities,” says Dr. Michael J. Kellis, who is one of the founding physicians of the independent practice. He is well known throughout Geauga County for developing the area’s first sports medicine program and, along with his team of fellow doctors, has served as team physician for local high schools and colleges.

“This is our home, where we live and work, so we also have made it a point to be active benefactors and volunteers supporting efforts such as the Hunger Task Force and several local charities,” he says.

A Full Spectrum of Orthopaedic Care
Over the years, the practice has grown to locations in Chardon, Auburn, Middlefield, and Beachwood. Specialties include joint replacement and spine surgery, treatment for both upper and lower extremities, chiropractic care, podiatry, physical therapy, sports medicine, and athletic training. The group has in-house diagnostics such as MRI, ultrasound, and digital X-rays. Precision is truly a one-stop location for all bone, joint, and muscle injuries.

Team members include Gregory C. Sarkisian, DO; Laszlo S. Harmat, DO; Albert S. M. Dunn, DO; Michael J. Kellis, DO; George J. Kellis, MD; Kraig K. Solak, DO; Mark J. Mendeszoon, DPM; Jamie DelVecchio, DO; Brian Filisky, DC and Brad Picha, MD.

The advantage of this highly collaborative team is that patients get the benefit of not just one opinion, but often two or more from differing specialties.

“Almost every day we are bouncing ideas off each other or conferencing on cases,” says Dr. Kellis. “Unlike the major health systems, being an independent practice means we don’t have anyone dictating to us a quota of how many patients we must see, or how much time we should spend with patients. We always act in the patient’s best interest and find that our areas of expertise complement each other nicely. We take pride in making a difference, and offer advanced therapies such as PRP and Stem Cell injections to help our patients get back to the activities they love.”

Easing Pain, Rehabbing Injuries with Novel Approaches
“There are advances at our disposal that make it easier to follow a conservative path to treatment, postponing or avoiding surgery when possible,” says Dr. Kellis.

One of the newest options for treating conditions such as back and shoulder pain, arm or leg pain, migraines, and tension headaches is dry needling.

“For good reason, this virtually painless treatment is very much in vogue now with physical therapists,” he says. “It reduces pain and hastens recovery. The treatment helps tissue heal by stimulating the root of nerves and releasing some of the inflammatory response coming off them.”

Another effective therapy is the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Essentially, the patient is lifted via an air-pressurized chamber while walking or running on a treadmill. It can reduce a patient’s body weight by up to 70%, which allows those recovering from joint replacement or injury to keep moving without pain. It is also very popular with runners who may be dealing with a chronic injury but would like to maintain cardiovascular fitness during recovery.

“This machine works wonders for rehabilitation,” says Dr. Kellis. “We were one of the first in the state to add this to our practice and are still one of only a handful to offer it.”

Of course, in some cases, surgical treatment for knees, hips, shoulders, and ankles is the best strategy for joints that are not functioning properly. The good news is, the advancements in surgical care, especially with joint replacements, have come so far that in many cases, Precision Orthopaedic surgeons perform the procedure in a same-day, out-patient facility. In fact, healthy and motivated patients who undergo knee or hip replacement can be up and walking within three hours of the surgery.

Taking Covid-19 Precautions
“The health and safety of our patients and team members is our highest priority,” says Dr. Kellis. “We’ve gone the extra mile in terms of putting protocols in place to reduce patient-to-patient contact and are constantly disinfecting the waiting area and treatment rooms, in accordance with and well beyond CDC guidelines. Our patients tell us they feel safe and comfortable coming here. They also trust us, and feel less at-risk coming to our freestanding building, with the surgery center right downstairs, than they would a larger hospital system.”

And for high-risk patients doing their best to stay home during the pandemic, Precision Orthopaedic Specialties adapted by adding telehealth services.

Although people have been avoiding going to non-urgent medical visits, Dr. Kellis hopes they do not put off nagging pain.

“A degenerative issue isn’t going to get better on its own,” he says. “No one should be suffering when we are here to provide the needed treatment and support. And no matter what your age, you should be able to engage in a full range of activity and movement, free from pain or limitations.”