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Precision Orthopaedic Specialties, INC. is rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 114 reviews from around the Web.
Awesome People there. They take great care of their patients
Everything about this office and Dr Mike is awesome
Precision physical therapy , although tough, helped me get my best result. We would highly recommend them.
Everything about my experience has been great! Dr. Dunn is no only a great surgeon but but also very thorough and easy to understand.
Dr.Dunn is absolutely amazing! The staff is super friendly as well!
Dr. G Kellis took time out of his weekend to perform a life changing surgery on me, I thank him and his staff for sacrificing there weekend to help me
Dr. Harmat did an amazing job and I would highly recommend him. If you are thinking about having this surgery don't wait any longer!
He is down-to-Earth and has treated us like we are his own family. He has helped my 75 year old...
Your humanity is unparalleled! Our love and thanks to you all! Sincerely, your faithful patients! The Detweiler Family
So thankful to be able to have our daughter seen quickly after a fall on vacation. THANK YOU!
Dr.Dunn is so amazing ! He sits down and explains everything to you and answers every question you may have.
My son has had a variety of injuries and Precision has done a fantastic job with the medical care they have provided.
They are very responsive, take time to make sure all concerns are taken care of, and it is easy to see why he is so highly regarded in the podiatry world.
Dr Harmat is fantastic. He did my rotator cuff and my trigger thumb. I would recommend everyone to him.
All the surgeons are fabulous.Not only are they tops in their field, but they are very caring Drs. I am all too aware that it probably isn't.
Therapy dept. is the best...been a patient of Dr. Aug.KellisFor a long time...
Great group to work for!!! Precision took care of great care of all my family needs and would recommend them to anyone.
He did an amazing job, including the care starting when I first saw him in November, with a cortisone shot and physical therapy, continuing through the day of surgery, and the post-op visits.
He was very professional, and one very nice thing about Dr. Dunn, he is always up on the latest new procedures, and continues to try new and inventive procedures to help his patients.
Precision Orthopaedics and in my case Dr. Sarkisian and Staff, are the absolute greatest group of people on the PLANET.
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