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0on Facebook,Nov 08, 2018


Dr.Dunn is absolutely amazing! The staff is super friendly as well!

5on Facebook,Nov 03, 2018


Dr. G Kellis took time out of his weekend to perform a life changing surgery on me, I thank him and his staff for sacrificing there weekend to help me

0on Facebook,Oct 08, 2018


I had carpal tunnel surgery done on both my hands in August by Dr Harmat. Dr. Harmat did an amazing job and I would highly recommend him. If you are thinking about having this surgery don't wait any longer! One of the best decisions I have made. Recovery was easy and my pain is gone from before the surgery!

0on Facebook,Sep 05, 2018


My son, in March, had a very complicated heart transplant at the age of 20. Due to a damaged nerve in his foot from the transplant surgery, he fell and broke two bones in his hand. This wasn’t caught by the urgent care we had to take him to on a holiday weekend. Bryan Kuch saw Kevin without hesitation and asked Dr. Mike Kellis to look at him as well. Our insurance doesn’t cover Precision. Neither Bryan nor Dr. Mike hesitated to treat Kevin. Dr. Mike personally spoke to me twice offering his help and services. Whatever he could do to make Kevin better. He said he has gone through enough this year and he just deserves to feel better. I can’t begin to tell you how much this meant to our family. Your humanity is unparalleled! Our love and thanks to you all! Sincerely, your faithful patients! The Detweiler Family

5on Facebook,Jul 16, 2018


So thankful to be able to have our daughter seen quickly after a fall on vacation. Dr. Harmat saved the rest of our summer with a moldable brace she can still swim in!! THANK YOU!

5on Facebook,Jun 08, 2018


Dr. Mendeszoon and his staff have been exceptional during my treatment, surgery,and post OP care. They are very responsive, take time to make sure all concerns are taken care of, and it is easy to see why he is so highly regarded in the podiatry world. Thank you Precision!

5on Facebook,Jun 08, 2018


I just wanted to thank Dr. Kellis and Mario for the support they have provided to the Berkshire community. My son has had a variety of injuries and Precision has done a fantastic job with the medical care they have provided. They are professionals who will listen and make your visit enjoyable due to their interpersonal skills, which is something that is hard to find at a large hospital system. I will reallllyyy miss having them on the sidelines this coming season, but they will continue to be entrusted to provide care for my family

5on Facebook,May 21, 2018


Dr Harmat is fantastic. He did my rotator cuff and my trigger thumb. I would recommend everyone to him. Thanks Dr Harmat you made my life pain free!

5on Facebook,May 14, 2018


I have had 35 orthopedic surgeries over the last 18 years and they have all been done with surgeons from Precision. All the surgeons are fabulous.Not only are they tops in their field, but they are very caring Drs. I have been through hell and back with a genetic condition and no matter what else is going on, I am always confident in the care I am receiving and the talented hands of the Drs. I would never even consider ever going anywhere other than Precision Orthopedics. As I am writing this review I am recovering from total shoulder replacement 2 1/2 weeks ago. As much as I hope and pray this will be my last surgery. I am all too aware that it probably isn't. And I won't go anywhere else but Precision.

5on Google,May 09, 2018


Long time patient: most recently hip replacement by Dr. George Kelli’s——-knee supartz injections by Dr. George——-wrist surgery by Dr. Harmet.... my late husband had many lumbar procedures By Dr. George & Dr. mike...Your Phs. Therapy dept. is the best...been a patient of Dr. Aug.Kellis For a long time...

0on Facebook,Mar 26, 2018


I worked there for almost ten years ! Great group to work for!!! Precision took care of great care of all my family needs and would recommend them to anyone.

5on Facebook,Mar 13, 2018


I had arthroscopic shoulder surgery two weeks ago by Dr. Dunn. He did an amazing job, including the care starting when I first saw him in November, with a cortisone shot and physical therapy, continuing through the day of surgery, and the post-op visits. He's worked on my wife's leg a couple years ago, and again, excellent service. Always impressed with him, very friendly, and excellent bedside manner. His staff truly cares for the patient. I would recommend him to anyone!

5on Google,Mar 09, 2018


I have been treated by Dr. Mark Mendeszoon for my arthritic feet. Years of working on concrete floors had left my great toe joints very painful. Dr. Mark and I made the decision to replace these with titanium joints. It was the best decision I could have made. I am now pain free. The doctors of Precision Orthopaedics are well trained and all very personable. I would highly recommend them for any treatment needed.

5on Google,Mar 09, 2018


I saw Dr.Dunn for my rotate r cuff problems. He was very professional, and one very nice thing about Dr. Dunn, he is always up on the latest new procedures, and continues to try new and inventive procedures to help his patients. I would highly recommend this very pleasant and skilled professional doctor.

5on Google,Feb 07, 2018


Dr Mark Mendeszoon is a class act. He is a caring and very intelligent Doctor. The staff and physical therapy department are all very nice and will help and incourage you on the right track to healing. Keep up the great work!

5on Google,Feb 07, 2018


Terrific doctors at this practice! Very positive experiences. *Dr. Mendeszoon has taken care of our foot issues for the past fifteen years. A. Performed successful surgery on our daughter's feet when she was eight. His manner in dealing with an apprehensive, eight year old was wonderful. B. Attended to my late, elderly father's feet in a caring, sincere and successful manner. C. Attends to foot issues with both my husband and myself. Very competent, very caring and I highly recommend. *Dr. Michael Kellis has been our sports medicine doctor for about twenty years. Our issues have ranged from neck to lower back and he and his physical therapists have truly worked miracles. A very competent and caring doctor and I highly recommend. Note: I realize that if I had something negative to say it would provide an opportunity for the doctors mentioned above to improve their performance, however, I cannot think of anything negative!

5on Google,Feb 07, 2018


Precision Orthopaedics and in my case Dr. Sarkisian and Staff, are the absolute greatest group of people on the PLANET. They have replaced my left knee, repaired my right shoulder and will soon be replacing my right hip. They have also repaired my wife's foot, shoulder and soon her right knee. Besides their extreme skill and professionalism..... they are all great people.